Android Privacy

1. The website does not collect personal data or data that could identify you as a person. We use cookies to ensure that the website works properly, and to improve the visitor experience.

2. We collect information about your browser, such as:
- the type of device you access the website
- browser type
- its resolution
- the country you visit.

This information is kept in a secure environment, where only the website administrator has access. The information collected, in no form, is and will not be distributed / sold to third parties. We need this information to get visit statistics and find out where they come from.
3. For any item that does not come from, we can not take responsibility, because we have no control over them. Therefore, please read the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of each website. If you do not agree with them, you can always block access to cookies, Javascript or any other data through your browser - although not recommended - may affect the operation of that website.

4. Applications available in the Play Store on the Android platform requires special permissions.

- Location
Location access is not required and can be disabled from the phone's settings to that application. We need this permission to get statistics about the city / country where you use the application.

- Phone
Access to the Phone is necessary to ensure certain functions of the application. When you are called or call someone and the application is running, it will detect the call and interrupt the music, and then resume playback when the call is finished. Without this permission, the app may not work properly by running the music during the call through the speaker you are talking to with the interlocutor.

The application does NOT collect or send any data to third parties.

Applications contains commercials distributed through the Google AdMob program. They can record data about your device to create a profile that will serve you with ads that might be of interest to you. For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions and the Google AdMob Privacy Policy.