Terms and conditions

Welcome to the AnyRadio.eu website - the media project focused on the free promotion of radios in Europe.

1. Terms you use - explain to everyone
- Site: www.AnyRadio.eu (and its moderators) with all its applications and sections
- Moderators: people checking a radio station before or after publishing it on the AnyRadio.eu website
- User: any natural or legal person accessing the AnyRadio.eu website
- Owner: AnyRadio.eu user who promotes his / her radio station for free.
- Radio station: Wide media project (in FM) and online. He owns the official website
- Terms and conditions: this agreement
- Provider: AnyRadio.eu website


2. Acceptance of the conditions
Use of the AnyRadio.eu site implies the unconditional and full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
By using the AnyRadio.eu site, it is understood both accessing, visiting, registering an account on the site, and / or using the site's broadcast services on the site. Please give a few minutes to read them.
We reserve the right to modify and update this page at any time. The Terms and Conditions page is permanently available and can be consulted at any time here https://www.anyradio.eu/terms-and-conditions.html


2.1 Description of the services offered:
AnyRadio.eu is a Romanian site available at https://www.AnyRadio.eu where you can promote free radio stations in Europe or search for the radio already published by other owners.

1.As a radio owner you have the following features:
a. You will be able to edit the information on the promotion page at any time
b. Contact details and radio station telephone number will be public
c. You can include in the presentation page: project description, website, live stream, logo, slogan, shows, moderators / DJ, most popular artists, launch date and online stream availability
2. As a registered user you have the following facilities:
a. You will benefit from your personal profile page
b. If you own a blog or website, you can promote them freely
c. you can choose your favorite radios to listen to them later
d. You can leave a radio station feedback
e. If you ever think of starting a radio project, you have all the freedom

2.2. Add a radio station
All radios sent by the user to be promoted to AnyRadio.eu will be checked within the next 48 hours. It will analyze the data provided, the title chosen and internet radio station * activity. We, the AnyRadio.eu project team, want all radio stations to be written correctly and to be in line with reality.
* radios that do not own domain (.ro, com, etc.) are rejected.
Please pay attention to and consider the Promotion Rules of a Radio, as we reserve the right to reject and / or delete the radio that does not comply with these rules. To add a Radio you must fill out the form on the "Add Radio" page. Please fill in actual contact information so you can be contacted by users or listeners who want more information about your media project.

By submitting the radio station for publication on the Site, you declare that you agree totally and unconditionally with all the terms of this document. You have the ability at any time to mark radio as unavailable from your personal account to inform users. A user may publish an unlimited number of radios in his or her account on AnyRadio.eu only if they prove that he is the rightful owner of the radio. We recommend that you do not use capitals in the title.

2.3 Packages and Facilities
a. Premium Package *
- manual publishing on Facebook
- display in top category
- special design
- Free promotion on AnyRadio.eu in the selected category
- unlimited promotion period
In order to benefit from all Premium Package features, the user must include and maintain in the official website *** the promotional code of the OriceRadio project available at: https://www.anyradio.eu/premium-promotion.html
* The Premium package requires the promotion code to be included on all pages of the official radio site
We have zero tolerance for radios found inactive, non-functional, or who have removed / modified the promotion code from the official web site.


b. Light package
- manual publishing on Facebook
- Free promotion on AnyRadio.eu in the selected category

We strive to offer you the best service, but we can not promise it will be perfect, so we can not guarantee you that the AnyRadio.eu website will be available without errors. Regarding the radio you promote on AnyRadio.eu, we remind you that you are directly responsible for its content and veracity. The AnyRadio.eu site and / or its moderators do not guarantee in any way the availability of online streams or the accuracy of the information available in the database.

AnyRadio.eu and / or its moderators will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the lack of accuracy of the content, errors, losses or damages of any kind arising from the use of any posted content transmitted through email or otherwise made available on the site. The AnyRadio.eu site and / or its moderators will not be liable for the activities of Users, in particular for the provision of erroneous content or data regarding the service subject to a Radio. In the event of a conflict, please contact us and we will look for amicable settlement, closely following the regulations in force. If the conflict worsens and if the amicable settlement fails, it will be necessary to appeal to the competent courts.


3. Account and Authentication
3.1 Creating an account on the OriceRadio website can be made using the email address + password. Profile data created on the AnyRadio.eu site must be real, complete and up-to-date. Multiple registrations with the same email address are not allowed. Authentication data is confidential. We recommend that you take precautions and choose a strong password that you will not give anyone.
3.2 If, for various reasons, you wish to cancel your account free of charge on the AnyRadio.eu website, please send us an email at office@anyradio.eu and we will deactivate your account and your radio will be withdrawn on the site. After deactivating your account, we can keep your information about your content for a period of 12 months.
After deactivating your account and removing the radio from the site, we can not guarantee the immediate removal of search results in search engines. Search engine indexing is independent of the AnyRadio.eu site.
3.3 We reserve the right to delete or edit any radio station that does not comply with the Terms and Conditions in any way. We'll let you know about the reason for the change. We also reserve the right to block or disable an account if we receive repeated reports on the promoted radio that do not comply with those in this document, the content of which is not in accordance with the facts or otherwise violates any legal provision in Europe.


4. Miscellaneous
4.1 Please use capitals only where necessary, ie at the beginning of the title. Titles written only in capital letters will be replaced by minuscule by the moderators of AnyRadio.eu site. Also, irrelevant words for the promoted radio will be removed from the title.
4.2 Please publish radios using appropriate language.
4.3 Please do not add links to other websites in your radio description, as AnyRadio.eu moderators have the right to delete them.